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Shelby Women’s Center Prenatal Education Information and Class Descriptions

The physicians and staff of Shelby Baptist Medical Center are excited that you have decided to celebrate the birth of your child with us. We welcome you and your family to our Women’s Center! We are dedicated to making this a family centered event that is as joyous and memorable as possible. Our Women’s Center Prenatal Education Department offers a variety of opportunities to learn about the birthing process and early parenting. Our classes will help prepare the whole family during your pregnancy for labor and delivery, and bringing home a newborn. All prenatal education classes are held in the Women’s Center Lobby classroom. Our goal at the Shelby Baptist Women’s Center is to facilitate the safest and most satisfying childbirth experience possible for you and your family. We strive for excellence in all that we do and invite you to ask questions and share concerns with us at any time.

Thank you and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Shelby Baptist Prenatal Education Department
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Prepared Childbirth Series

This three class series is recommended for all first time parents-to-be. Classes meet one evening a week for three consecutive weeks. Topics discussed include pregnancy, the process of labor and delivery, options for pain relief, basic relaxation and coping tips, cesarean sections, post-partum, infant care, hospital procedures, and infant security policies. This series also includes a tour of the Women’s Center. We recommend registration during the 5th or 6th month of your pregnancy, and to begin classes during your seventh month.

Prepared Childbirth Weekend Class

This one day Saturday class is offered for first times parents-to-be, or for those that feel they would benefit from a childbirth education refresher, but are unable to attend a weekly series. The same information in the weekly series is covered on this Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. Topics include pregnancy, the process of labor and delivery, options for pain relief, basic relaxation and coping tips, cesarean sections, post-partum, infant care, hospital procedures, and infant security policies. A tour of the Women’s Center is also included. We recommend registration during the 5th or 6th month of your pregnancy, and to take the class during your seventh month.

Refresher Childbirth Class

The Refresher Class is offered for parents who have had a child previously, but would like to review the basics. And we look forward to helping prepare you for this special addition to your family! Join us for a tour of our Women’s Center and a discussion of topics such as: signs and symptoms of labor, an update on anesthesia and pain management options, cesarean sections including VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), post-partum, and infant care. This class can be scheduled as a weekday, weeknight, or weekend class and is by appointment only.

Women’s Center Tours

This tour is for expectant parents who are delivering at Shelby Baptist Women’s Center, but have had previous childbirth education and are not attending our Prepared Childbirth Series or the Weekend Class. Tours are by appointment only.

Infant CPR and Safety

This course is a practice-while-you-watch video and instructor facilitated program that covers information on how to perform the basic skills of CPR, and how to help an infant who is choking. Accident prevention and child safety will be discussed as well. The class is offered to anyone aged 12 and older who wants to learn CPR, but does not require certification. This is a one class session held on a Tuesday or Thursday evening for two hours.

Breastfeeding Preparation Class

This class is for the expectant mother and support person to gain information and knowledge of the techniques and benefits of breastfeeding. Practical skills, common challenges, and solutions will be discussed to help you gain confidence for a successful breastfeeding experience. Topics include breastfeeding in the hospital and at home, nutrition, breast pumps, breastfeeding concerns, and breastfeeding after returning to work. This class meets on Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings for two hours.

Boot Camp for New Dads

Boot Camp for New Dads is a nationally recognized seminar that helps prepare dads for a new baby. In this three hour program you will have a chance to ask your questions, learn practical ways to partner with mom, find out about your role in breast feeding, work on a plan to help mom with baby blues and much more! For more information about the program you can check out their website at

Sibling/Grandparent Tours

Welcoming a new baby can be an exciting and sometimes unsettling experience for big brothers or big sisters to be. This Saturday morning tour is recommended for children ages 2 and up and the expectant parents. This tour aims to help the big sister/big brother to feel more comfortable with our Women’s Center, review how to be a helper in caring for a new baby, and give them the opportunity to ask questions of their own. We strongly encourage discussion about a new addition within the family to help with the transition. We also encourage expectant grandparents and other adult support persons to take a tour of our Women’s Center and give us the opportunity to answer any questions you may have our hospital policies and procedures.

Hospital Discharge class

Before heading home with your infant our prenatal education staff wants to ensure that you have all the information you need to take care of yourself and your infant after you leave the hospital. Discharge instructions, including taking care of yourself in the post-partum phase and how to care for a newborn will be given to each family, along with the opportunity to answer any questions you may have. We want to make sure you understand your medications, alternative comfort measures, and have the support you need. And we are here for you as a resource even after you go home!


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